Polderweggebied Amsterdam-Oost

Europan 1998, competition entry in cooperation with Penne Hangelbroek

At any moment in time, the CITY is both complete and unfinished. Once new developments will form the context for later phases. Every FRAGMENT of the urban fabric can be seen as an infrastructure in the widest sense. The totality of use, atmosphere, street patterns and built volume creates the framework on which the future can be grafted. Also every BUILDING is a framework for use. An existing architectural framework can be capable of housing a variety of functions over time. On the scale of the individual UNIT, the carcass concept both offers freedom and returns responsibility to the people using it. The unit can be adapted according to even the individual's changing needs.
Existing buildings, functions and spatial structures are incorporated in the different phases of development of the site. By gradually strengthening the present qualities and character of the different zones of the Polderweggebied, a functionally diverse area can be realized. Every phase is autonomous. By (temporarily) retaining the existing functions, activity in the area is ensured.